Bolivia in Bloom, NM Cactus & Succulent Society – Aug. 16 7:45 pm

Gary Duke (a former CSSNM member) will talk about Bolivia in Bloom.  He traveled to Bolivia during the flowering season for cacti.  Bolivia has the Andes Mountains over much of its land, and the Andes have a huge number of cacti.  There are both tiny types like Rebutia, Sulcorebutia, and Cintia.  Then some a bit larger like Lobivia which have fantastic flowers of many colors.  Some get to be tree sized like some of the Trichocereus, Cleistocactus and Oreocereus.   Also some kinds grow at very high elevation like Maihuienopsis and others.  So there will be a huge range of plants, and many fantastic photos of plants in flower in nature. Visitors welcome. For more information: