About us

The Council of Albuquerque Garden Clubs, Inc. provides plant sales, flower shows, and gardening seminars to the public. The council is an extensive resource of horticultural knowledge for our community. Our success is dependent not only on the efforts of our volunteer members, but also upon donations either from our members or the outside public.

The Council of Albuquerque Garden Clubs, Inc., is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1950. Its purpose is to:

  • provide educational courses and activities on gardening to the general public
  • provide gardening guidance and assistance for community beautification projects
  • encourage good gardening in the Albuquerque metropolitan area
  • and promote the formation of new garden clubs and plant societies.

Garden Center facilities

The Council built, owns and operates the Albuquerque Garden Center, located at 10120 Lomas Boulevard (just west of the Eubank and Lomas intersection) in Los Altos Park. The Albuquerque Garden Center is reputed to be one-of-a-kind in the U.S. Generally garden centers are owned and operated by the local government.

The Center houses one of New Mexico’s more extensive horticultural libraries, the Master Gardener Hotline for gardening questions, and contains meeting rooms for classes and workshops. Garden Center grounds were renovated in 2003 creating a series of demonstration gardens that can be visited by Albuquerque residents to see what and how to plant in the Albuquerque area. They include native plant, daylily, rose, cactus, and perennial gardens. There is also a Children’s Garden with a Japanese pavilion.


Council President                                                           Mary Peña Noskin           mnoskin@aol.com

First Vice President                                                        Regina Hampton             

Second Vice President                                                   Janet Dooley                     

Recording Secretary                                                      Dianne Cress                     

Treasurer                                                                         Jewel Cutter                      

Corresponding Secretary                                              Amy Howard

Assistant Treasurer                                                         Marcia Finical                   

Director                                                                             Ginny Longbotham         

Director                                                                              Shirley Tetreault              

Director                                                                              Kate Li

Parliamentarian                                                                Carl Soderberg                 

Archivist                                                                             Sarah Bianco


Budget & Finance                                                           Regina Hampton

Building Maintenance                                                    Ginny Longbotham

Bylaws                                                                               Chair Carl Sodenberg, Beth Herschman

Communications                                                             Beth Herschman, Margo Murdock, Laurie Rivera

Council Flower Show                                                      Sarah Bianco/ Dorothy Duff

Educational Programs & Workshops                        Shirley Tetreault

Face Book                                                                         Matthew-Ryan Morrell

Garden Guardians                                                          Kathy Burnett, Janet Herbst

Garden Shop                                                                   Regina Hampton

Garden Tour                                                                    Beth Herschman

Grounds                                                                           Teresa Edens

Harvest Fair                                                                      Jewel Cutter

Holiday Fair Centerpiece Workshop                         Teresa Edens

Holiday Fair                                                                      Janet Dooley/Regina Hampton

Instagram                                                                         Kate Li                  

Library                                                                               Jill Hartman

Long Range & Strategic Committee                          Regina Hampton/Janet Dooley

Publicity                                                                            Janet Dooley/Frances Robertson/Kate Yu

Rummage Sale                                                                Regina Hampton

Share the Beauty Day                                                    Shirley Tetreault

Spring Plant & Garden Fair                                          Teresa Edens/Regina Hampton/Kathy Clough

State Fair Flower Show                                                 Mary Noskin/Irene Kersting

Ways & Means Committee                                          Janet Dooley


Office Manager                                                              Christopher Woodside


Building Maintenance                                                   Thomas Clark

Custodian                                                                        Keith Mead