State Fair Volunteers

Here  is the Map provided by the State Fair where we will enter and where we will park.  

We will not be given keys for the doors of Exhibit Hall C – if you need doors open call this number 505-401-5095 which is Security.  You can tell them what time you will be there and they will meet you.  

Gate 6 – opens at 5:30 AM  – On Show Days Wednesday, 9/8, Friday, 9/10. Monday, 9/13, and Thursday, 9/16  —  Youth Shows Saturdays, 9/11 and 9/18,  I will arrange with Security to open Exhibit Hall C at 6:30 AM. 

As you can see exhibitors will park in back of Exhibit Hall C – this will allow them to bring in their exhibits.  By 9:30 AM cars must be removed from the back of Exhibit Hall C.  Those volunteers who are scheduled to work the Flower Show will park in designated areas.  

If you will be remaining and  are comfortable we will have someone available to take your car to the parking area.  We will also ask Connie Elmore to have transportation available at that time for those of you who park your car and are returning.  

Gate and Parking passes will be available at the Garden Center September 7th – there are no passes for the 8th since the Fair is not officially open. They will be placed in an envelope with your name – you will receive passes for those times you are scheduled to work the Flower Show.  The Garden Center Office is open Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. 

If you have any questions regarding passes contact Volunteer Coordinators Catie Glover 505-401-0718 or Kate Li 505-363-0497  

As you know everyone is required to wear a mask inside the building and be vaccinated.  They are working on a plan to clear volunteers before the Fair opens and give them some kind of a tag indicating they have been cleared.  We are still waiting for those instructions.  I will get them to you promptly.   

The Fair has said they will be cleaning every evening and periodically during the day.  In addition, Floor people  Michele Ann, Elaine, Kathleen, Kristin,  Gena, Mary and Irene  will be asked to wipe down doors, faucets, water cooler on a scheduled basis.  

We cannot provide food – but we will have packaged crackers, water and some soft drinks.

We have been given the ok from the Fair that Exhibit Hall C will be available to us on Tuesday, August 31.  We will meet at the Garden Center at 9:00 AM.  The plan to move stored State Fair Flower Show items to the Fair Grounds.   Anyone who can help with this move please call 505-238-5731 or email we can use your help.  

This has been a challenge and probably will continue to be challenging.  But as I keep saying we are Gardeners and we are used to challenges.  We are all a little testy so I am asking all of us to remember that we are doing something we love – lets be kind and have fun imagine the stories we will be able to tell later on. 

Thank you so much – This is our Flower Show – this is our time to share the bounty and beauty of our designs and our gardens.

Mary Noskin 505-238-5731

Irene Kersting 2021 Co Chair State Flower Show 505-450-4443