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Friends and Food are truly hard to beat.

Uptown celebrated the holidays in December with a gift exchange and luncheon. Ellen Reed hosted our event at her home. It has gotten to be a tradition that Ellen opens her home to us for the holiday party. Friends and Food are truly hard to beat.

In March we had a demonstration by Debra Sorrell and a workshop on Flower Pounding. The results were beautiful. All you need are flowers, a hammer or mallet and paper. Google "Flower Pounding" to find out more about this craft. Also in March, Vice President Lynnette Walker presented information on a new youth gardening club at the Public Academy for the Performing Arts. She will be bringing us more information on The Organic Planet gardening club in the near future.

Our annual plant sale was in May. Members donated garden dug plants and some house plants for the sale. A special thanks to the members who donated plants and to the members who showed up to work. Patti Gronewald volunteered her shady front courtyard for the sale. Bonnie McClain brought lovely bookmarks and greeting cards that she made using the Flower Pounding that she learned at our meeting in March. The sale was a success!

The big news is that we are celebrating our 75th Diamond Anniversary in June. Jewel Cutter is hosting this celebration at her home. There will be a dinner and a display of memorabilia highlighting the Clubs history. We are still in the planning stage as of the writing of this article, but we think it will be fabulous! More on that next time. Wow, 75 years!

Vicki Frye

President of Uptown Garden Club

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