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The Council accomplishes all of its work with volunteer labor donated by Council members.

For the State Fair flower shows alone, the Council assembles and supervises up to a 300-person, volunteer, temporary work force, that is drawn from its own membership. They organize and manage the shows and exhibits; setup the building; setup and take-down each flower show; process, classify, and display entries; and assist entrants and flower show judges. Each of the annual fund-raising events requires from 25-100 volunteers.

The Garden Shop is managed and staffed by volunteers year round. Many hard to find garden items are carried in the shop.

Each of these clubs is a non-profit organization and each has its own specific community service goals and purposes. Many of them contribute in their own right to the community by providing specialized services such as: operating demonstration gardens; establishing and maintaining gardens at city facilities; providing plants and flowers to shut-ins and the elderly; assisting and instructing disabled persons on gardening; operating experimental gardens and native plant release programs; providing speakers and coordinating seed programs in Albuquerque Public Schools and 4H Clubs.

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