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Dahlia Festival September 24, 2023

Don’t miss the chance to show off your lovely dahlia blooms. We will be meeting at the Garden center opening at 7am. Entries close at 10 Am. We will have entry cards and there are always dahlia club members there to assist you with your entries.

Designers ! Dahlia club members will be bringing extra dahlias for you to use in your designs. You must bring a container and other plant material to compliment the dahlias. We have added a NOVICE class in design for those who have never won a 1st place in the design category. So this is an excellent opportunity for those of you new to design.

This is a fun relaxed show. So don’t be shy.

We welcome Garden Club members, Master Gardeners and the public to our show

Download the Show Schedule or call Dorothy Duff at 505-389-9726.

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