Trees – Killing with Kindness Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott January 21 9am-12pm

Killing with Kindness or How We Enable Trees to their Ultimate Demise is a free seminar for interested persons.  Urban trees can be chronically stressed by many environmental variables including heat, drought, and chemical contamination.  However, the most significant stress – and most avoidable – comes from improper installation and management techniques.  This seminar will discuss how improper planting techniques and aftercare practices can begin the “mortality spiral” leading to the early death of urban trees.  An alternative set of suggested best practices will be presented based on recent and on-going research.


Rummage Sale Coming Soon – the POD has Landed

You may now bring your gently used or new unwanted items to the Garden Center.  Remember that cleanliness is next to godliness for all items.  Lids should be attached to all items.  Working electronic items are desired since we cannot fix non-working ones.  No TV’s unless they were manufactured within the last 3 years and are still working.

Dirty, trashy, broken, or unusable items just make more work for our otherwise happy volunteers.  Bring donations to the east entrance any time the car gate is open.  Please bring jewelry and rare/collectible items to the Office.