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Gardening U Class (July 5th)

The guest speaker for Gardening U’s July class was Matt Strong, the current president of the ABQ Beekeepers Association. His presentation was about European honey bees, and he brought several types of empty hives, honeycombs, and a 5-gallon bucket of honey that we could examine.

He suggested the obvious connection that we’re a garden center with lots of flowers, and he’s a beekeeper with lots of bees, so we should partner up and have him install a beehive in our gardens! Our door prize for the evening was a jar of Matt’s honey.

Next month’s GU will be August 2 @ 6:30. Steven Brack will speak on “Adventures in Hardy Cacti and Succulents - Beyond the usual cacti and succulents found in the garden”. Steven is always experimenting with new types of plants in the local decomposed granite soil in the ABQ heights.

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