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Reading @ the Garden Center - What we’ll be reading in 2024

Contact for information on how to attend or to be

added to our email list.

Meetings are at 4:00 pm are a hybrid of zoom and in-person or strictly zoom, depending on

covid concerns. All “movie meetings” will be in-person only at the Albuquerque Garden

Center because it is not possible to stream a movie over zoom.

January 8: The Man Who Planted Trees, Jim Robbins

February 5: The Wild Trees, Richard Preston

Mar 4: At the Edge of the Orchard, Tracy Chevalier

April 1: Eating Dirt, Charlotte Gill

May 6: Brave the Wild River, Melissa Sevigny

June 3: movie and potluck – Rosemary and Thyme (episodes 3-4)

July 1: The Gardens of Los Poblanos, Judith Phillips

August 5: Agave Spirits, Gary Paul Nabhan

September 9: The Pearl Plot, Vicky Ramakka

October 7: The True History of Chocolate, Sophie Coe (chapters 1-4)

November 4: The True History of Chocolate, Sophie Coe (chapters 5-8)

December 9: movie and potluck – TBN


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