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Orchid Guild October Meeting

The New Mexico Orchid Guild usually meets at 1:30 PM on the second Sunday of the month at the Albuquerque Garden Center.

Please join us on Sunday, October 8th when our guest speaker via Zoom will be Peter T. Lin of Diamond Orchids in California.

Peter’s topic will be “12 months of orchids” This fast paced PowerPoint presentation discusses how to build an orchid collection to have blooms for every month of the year. There are many orchids that bloom at different times of the year, so instead of concentrating on one season, now you can have a collection of orchids in bloom for each month of the year.

Check out his website

About Peter:

I am an avid orchid hobbyist, hybridizer, and AOS judge. I reside in Southern California and grow orchids in 3 small greenhouses. I grow primarily mini-catts, Sophronitis, Dendrobiums and miniature species. I frequently give talks at various orchid societies and have written articles for the Orchid Digest and ORCHIDS magazine

Below is a brief biography: Peter started growing orchids over 40 years ago, but then stopped due to school and starting a career. It wasn't until about 18 years ago that the orchid "bug" came back and he is now heavily involved once again! He is an accredited judge with the American Orchid Society, and a hybridizer of mini-catts. He enjoys meeting with other orchid enthusiasts, and can often be found at various orchid shows and societies around the country. Due to limited growing space, Peter likes to specialize in miniature orchids, both species and hybrids, and has received numerous AOS awards. His interests in orchids include Dendrobiums, Angraecoids, and Neofinetias. He is also known as "Mr Sophronitis" as he has a passion for growing and collecting them. He maintains a collection of a several thousand orchids at his home in Southern California in 3 small greenhouses, outdoors, as well as an offsite greenhouse.

Bring your blooming orchids for show and tell. As always, great plants for sale at great prices and our monthly raffle.

Email for the zoom link

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